Learning About Podiatry Treatments

Learning About Podiatry Treatments

Important Reasons To Consider Undergoing Foot Reconstruction Surgery

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When you suffer from deformities or injuries to your feet, you may find simple tasks like wearing shoes or walking to be difficult or impossible. You also may be desperate for relief to your pain and limited mobility.

You may not want to use crutches, a walker or motorized cart to get around sufficiently. Instead, you may benefit from undergoing foot reconstruction surgery for your condition.

Eliminating Bunions and Hammertoes

When you suffer from bunions or hammertoes, you might experience pain with every step you take. Regardless of what kind of shoe you wear, you might be unable to take more than a few steps without experiencing sharp pain in the sides and tops of your feet.

To relieve these deformities, you may undergo foot reconstruction surgery for them. The surgery can partially or entirely eliminate them and make walking more comfortable. You may avoid having to use a mobility device like a cane or walker to take pressure off of your feet.

Relieving Flat Feet

Foot reconstruction surgery may also relieve pain and limited mobility from flat feet. When you have an extreme case of flat feet, you may be unable to walk or stand for prolonged periods of time without experiencing pain in the bottom centers of your feet. You may need to have this part of your feet operated on to improve the arches and relieve the discomfort that comes from this condition.

The foot reconstruction surgery might relieve the worst pain you experience from flat feet. You may find it easier to walk and stand without having to sit down or put your feet up for relief.

Addressing Injuries

If you have broken any of the bones in your feet, you may need to undergo foot reconstruction surgery to address the injury. The surgery can put the bones back in proper place. It can also ensure the bones heal without developing calluses or bumps that can make your feet look deformed.

The foot reconstruction surgery may also involve putting pins in your bones to hold them in place permanently. You may be able to walk, run and stand on your foot after it heals from foot reconstruction surgery.

Foot reconstruction surgery can address a host of ailments with your feet. It can relieve the pain you experience from deformities like hammertoes and bunions. It can also address flat feet and injuries like broken bones in your feet.


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