Learning About Podiatry Treatments

Learning About Podiatry Treatments

Recommended Bunion Treatment To Ease Pain

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Bunions are a common foot problem among Americans. They form gradually and continue to worsen over time. As such, most patients tend to experience excruciating pain on the bunions as they continue to develop. Therefore, living with bunions can be pretty tricky, and it's important to find effective treatment for your pain. 

Podiatrists often recommend surgery as the most effective bunion treatment, but before you get there, you might want to explore your options for reducing pain. This article contains a few bunion pain treatment options you may want to try out. 

Ice Down Your Toe

Bunions tend to hurt the most when you have had a long day of walking. As such, you might experience a lot of pain immediately when you take off your shoes. Luckily, you can relieve the pain by icing your bunions after taking off your shoes. The cold from the ice will help numb your pain and keep inflammation to a minimum. You can use the ice treatment anytime you feel your bunions hurting.

Wear Wide Shoes

Most people with bunions make the mistake of wearing tight shoes or high heels. Such shoes are notorious for applying pressure on your bunion; thus, causing excruciating pain. To avoid such unnecessary pain, you should wear shoes with a wide toe box. This way, your big toe will have enough room to wiggle around without experiencing pain.

Bunion Pads and Splints

Bunion pads are ideal for people who want some extra cushioning for their feet. As long as you have a high-quality bunion pad, your bunion will have some extra cushion against the shoe. Bunion pads are great for reducing pressure and irritation when you're in shoes. Just make sure that the bunion pads aren't too thick as they might increase pressure instead of reducing it.

Apart from bunion pads, you might want to try bunion splints as well. This product helps relieve bunion pain by spacing out your toes. In simpler terms, a bunion splint will help maintain the correct alignment of your big toe; thus, reducing pain. 

Bunion Surgery

While most of the above treatment options might relieve your bunion pain, they aren't a permanent solution. Your pain will still recur until you get bunion surgery. Most podiatrists recommend bunion surgery for people with severe bunions. But, if you have been dealing with a stubborn bunion for a long time, you should consider bunion surgery regardless of how invasive it is.

You have several options for bunion treatment, but it's upon you to decide which one you want. All in all, you should visit a podiatrist to give you advice on the best form of treatment instead of self-medicating. Contact a podiatrist for more bunion treatment information. 


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