Learning About Podiatry Treatments

Learning About Podiatry Treatments

Why Bunion Surgery is Often Worth It

Raul Wheeler

For most people, "surgery" is a scary word that evokes anxious feelings. The idea of being put under anesthesia while someone operates on your body is, understandably, pretty daunting. However, surgery is usually worth it in the end, and bunion surgery is no exception. If you've been dealing with bunions for years and are nearing the end of your rope when it comes to managing your symptoms, here are a few reasons bunion treatment is very likely to be worth it.

You can stop using opiates and other strong pain relievers

As bunions worsen, most patients have to turn to stronger and stronger pain relievers to manage the pain. Maybe an aspirin every couple of days used to be enough 5 years ago, but now you're taking hydrocodone every night so your foot stops throbbing and you can fall asleep. Opiate pain relievers are addictive and terrible for your health in so many ways. Even non-opiate pain relievers, like ibuprofen, can cause serious ailments like intestinal damage when taken over long periods. While you will need to take some pain relievers for a week or two after bunion surgery, you should then be finally able to wean yourself off of them, which will be good for your health.

You'll be able to wear normal shoes again

Are you tired of looking for the widest pair of shoes in the shoe store, but still feeling like they are too narrow once you put them on? Maybe you have to special order your shoes or have them custom made. This can be really frustrating. You want to wear attractive shoes again. After bunion surgery, your foot will be more or less back to its old shape (perhaps a little wider, but nothing like with the bunions). You'll be able to shop at a normal shoe store and actually wear different styles of shoes again.

You'll have an easier time being physically active

When you have bunions and your feet are often painful, you can't comfortably do things like go hiking or running. It's hard to stay fit without being on your feet. You'll need some time to heal after surgery, but then you should be able to engage in these activities without so much discomfort. This should result in a fitter, healthier version of you.

Bunion surgery can be a little scary, but it is a pretty routine procedure and most patients have great results. Talk to your doctor to learn more, and start looking forward to the positive changes above.


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