Learning About Podiatry Treatments

Learning About Podiatry Treatments

Protecting Your Ankles When You Start Exercising

Raul Wheeler

Making the decision to being a disciplined exercise routine can be a great way to shed unwanted pounds and improve your overall health. Since exercise is designed to place stress on your body, it is possible to sustain an injury while you are working out. Ankle injuries can leave you unable to visit the gym for an extended period of time, so preventing these types of injuries is important.

Here are three simple things that you can do to ensure your ankles are protected while exercising in the future.

1. Take the time to stretch.

Ensuring that your muscles and joints are warmed up before you begin your workout is a simple and effective way to help ward off injury. In order to absorb the weight and impact produced by your body as you exercise, your ankles need to have some flexibility.

You can take some time prior to each workout session to stretch your ankles in order to increase flexibility over time. Drawing a circle with your foot, moving your ankle joint from side to side while keeping your foot in one position, and bending your foot up and down at the ankle are all great ankle-preserving stretches to incorporate into your stretching routine.

2. Strengthen your ankles.

Your ankles play a critical role in helping you maintain your balance and they contribute to your overall leg strength. If you want your ankles to function properly, you need to incorporate them into your regular workouts. Strength exercises for your ankles can help improve your stability and stamina.

Try sitting on a chair and placing a resistance band around the ball of one foot. Lift your leg parallel to the ground and push against the force of the band like you are pushing on a brake pedal. This exercise will strengthen your ankles and make it possible to engage in exercises that condition other parts of your body without compromising the integrity of your ankles.

3. Wear the right shoes.

The shoes that you wear while working out can have an impact on your ankles. If your shoes are too tight, then excess pressure will be placed on the tendons of the ankle and foot. This pressure could result in pain and fatigue, causing your ankles to become weak.

Ensure that your shoes and laces are loose enough to prevent tendon pressure, and look for shoes that don't restrict the movement of your ankle while you are exercising.

If you want to start an exercise program without injuring your ankles be sure that you take time to stretch your ankle joint, strengthen the ankle, and wear the right shoes while you workout in the future. Visit a site like http://www.elmhurstpodiatry.com for more help.


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